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CalmHR’s retirement plans limit liability by utilizing an ERISA 3(38) investment manager and ERISA 3(16) plan administrator

Lower Your Fiduciary Obligation

Sponsoring a retirement plan often takes specialized knowledge, and adds time-consuming administrative and fiduciary obligations to an employer’s busy workload. With the CalmHR’s PEO retirement solution, employers can meet this challenge. We allow employers to stay focused on their business by reducing fiduciary risk through delegation responsibilities to our retirement professionals.


  • Maintain & Sign Plan Documents
  • Prepare & Sign Form 5500s
  • Process Distributions & Loans
  • Determine Eligibility
  • Deliver Required Notices
  • Provide Online Beneficiary Elections
  • Contribution Rate Management
  • Calculate, Track Vesting
  • 1099-R Reporting
  • Perform Annual Compliance Testing
  • Select Investment Lineup
  • Monitor and Update Investments
  • Provide Investment Reviews

Benefits of Joining CalmHR PEO Retirement Plan

With CalmHR’s PEO retirement plans, you can focus more time on business needs knowing that fiduciary responsibilities of your plans are met, and that your plan is compliant with local, state and federal regulations. We offer contribution rate management, and we perform annual compliance testing to ensure we limit liability.

Ensuring a Better Retirement Future

CalmHR ensures the protection of your plan assets, giving employees peace of mind that their retirement future is secure. We also leverage economies of scale to allow for better pricing and investment access.

Retirement Plans Made Accessible

We believe your retirement plan should be transparent. CalmHR offers the ability to organize and manage multiple facets of retirement all from the same place. Maintain and sign plan documents, prepare and sign 5500 forms, process distributions, deliver required notices, and provide online beneficiary elections.

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