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In Partnership with Nonstop Administration and Insurance Services, Inc.

Our Manage to Zero™ program, which emanates from our CEO's philosophy, has trended the cost of healthcare towards zero for over a decade. During this time, the healthcare industry has changed drastically, and as a result, so have our solutions. Now, with the added partnership of Nonstop, CalmHR can continue to trend the cost of healthcare towards zero.

Nonstop combines an ACA-compliant health plan from your preferred medical carrier with a section 105 medical expense reimbursement plan (MERP), which covers employee out of pocket costs.


  • First dollar coverage, which means no upfront copays or deductibles
  • Reduced or eliminated out of pocket costs for all in-network services
  • No change in medical carrier required
  • Nonstop Health is easy to use offering a medically-coded "visa card" that covers in network costs so the employee can enjoy a simplified healthcare experience

Attract & Retain Quality Talent

Research indicates that 78% of employees will decide to join or remain with an organization because of its benefits program. So, in this tight job market, wouldn't you want to provide your employees with a program that costs them nothing?

How It Works

Employees pay their portion of the premium, just like any other plan, but after that, Nonstop covers upfront out of pocket costs for the employee. That means no copays or deductibles - quite simply, it's first dollar coverage for in-network covered services!

To see what our Manage to Zero™ Program, in partnership with Nonstop, can mean for your organization, schedule a consult today.

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Nonstop Administration and Insurance Services, Inc.
A health benefits program that allows employers to fund their employees' healthcare premiums and out-of-pocket expenses while also saving on premiums annually.

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