HR Should Be a Process, Not a Free-For-All

It’s time to break the same old mold of HR support
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Customized HR for Unique Businesses

CalmHR streamlines HR tools and procedures that protect businesses and increase continuity and understanding for employees

HR Designed for Your Business

Too often, HR policies are hard to digest and leave employees with more confusion than clarity. We will work directly with your internal team to design a custom employee handbook, including all the correct facets to protect the business and provide continuity in how employees engage with management.


  • Hiring & Onboarding
  • Customized Employee Handbook
  • Approve And Manage Paid Time Off
  • Manage Your Company Calendar
  • Update Company Policies (Vacation, Sick Leave, etc)

Manage Everything from One Place

CalmHR provides access to the tools you need to run your business effectively, now all on the same, integrated platform. Approve and manage your paid time off, update your company calendar, and ensure your employees have access to critical documents like vacation and sick leave policies. The more transparency the better.

A Culture of Dialogue

CalmHR creates pathways for employees to understand the company’s culture and its rules, as well as provide access for them to dialogue about reciprocity—a buffer which small and medium-sized firms find difficult to achieve.

Onboarding Has Never Been Easier

Now onboarding happens in one place. Pick insurance plans, enroll in benefits programs, submit direct deposit forms—now all centralized for ease of use.

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