A record 47.4 million people left their jobs in 2021.

Since the pandemic, businesses have evolved and adapted in order to survive. However, one element of business that remains unevolved for many employers is their health plan. According to the Society for Human Resource Management Benefits Survey, 90% of employers rank health as the benefit their workforce values the most.

Therefore, now more than ever, is the time to obtain a high quality health plan that can attract & retain the quality employees your business needs to survive.

CalmHR’s Manage to Zero™ Program, in partnership with Nonstop, features:

Employees pay their portion of the premium, just like any other plan, but after that, Nonstop covers upfront out of pocket costs for the employee. That means no copays or deductibles – quite simply, it’s first dollar coverage for in-network covered services!

To see what our Manage to Zero™ Program, in partnership with Nonstop, can mean for your organization, schedule a consult today.