A Pooled Employer (401)k Plan (PEP) allows disparate small to medium sized businesses (SMBs), in different industries to band together to achieve economies of scale typically only achieved by larger organizations, which ultimately results in lower costs. 

CalmHR’s PEP not only reduces costs, but significantly reduces SMBs administrative and fiduciary responsibilities and burdens. 

Here is what moving to our PEP did for a company based in Virginia with $19 million in plan assets and 225 plan participants: 

What about a smaller organization? Here is a company based in Maryland with $1.6 million in plan assets and only 15 plan participants: 

Are you sure that your plan is the best it can be? Kindly use our Schedule a Consult link for a brief introductory meeting to see how moving to our PEP could benefit your organization. It’s time for your PEP Talk!