Solving the Top 3 HR Headaches for Legal Administrators

1. Wearing Multiple Hats

As a Legal Administrator, you wear multiple hats. How you balance every aspect of your firm on a daily basis is truly remarkable – kudos to you.

We believe, and we hope you agree, that time is your most valuable asset – although there never seems to be enough of it.

2. Multiple Systems

Benefits, Retirement, Payroll, and HR are all on different, complex platforms – and some firms still use paper.

Benefits are then perceived negatively, instead of being an asset to attract and retain top talent, especially newer generations.

3. Average Tenure of Non-Management Positions

Individuals in non-management HR positions spend an average of just 2.2 years in their roles.

Legal Administrators are then left to pick up the pieces as they restart the cycle of recruiting, hiring and training another employee.

If you can relate to any of these headaches, CalmHR may be of great benefit to you and your firm.

As an affiliate partner to the DC Bar, and their consultant for the past 33 years, Joe Appelbaum created CalmHR with you in mind, and is backed by our experience and expertise working with law firms of all sizes.

With CalmHR you: 

Finally, a Calm way to handle HR.

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