A 2022 Hackett Group study reports that HR workloads are projected to increase by 9.3% in 2022, a big jump from a 2021 increase of 1.7%. The good news: HR technology spending will also rise more than 9% in 2022, compared to just a 0.7% increase in 2021.

With more pressure on HR teams to manage remote teams, recruit new talent, and onboard employees once hired, specialized HR software platforms and digitizing processes will help to increase productivity and efficiency, decreasing the time HR spends on repetitive tasks.

HR is also a “paper heavy” function. Digitizing paper documents related to onboarding, employee engagement, performance, wages, etc. is an important component in digital transformation. It’s not just about moving applications to the cloud (although that’s an important aspect) – it’s more about making sure all systems and platforms are fully integrated and can easily communicate with each other. This is the real goal of digital transformation: to drive higher productivity and reduce the strain on already overworked HR teams by automating repetitive processes that were previously manual. Automation saves resources, including time and money, increases accuracy, and accelerates processes, which is a win-win-win for HR teams, employees, and the entire company, including its bottom line.

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Source: Scott Francis – The great digitization: How streamlining HR processes impacts the bottom line