At CalmHR, we build customized packages for your unique business.
Physician Practice

Understand the Full Scope of Your Benefits System

We get it: saving lives is time consuming. Let us be your financial experts.

Your HR Program Doesn’t Have to Suffer Because of Budgets

It’s easy to believe small practices can only afford budget HR programs. In many cases this can be true, but it’s usually the result of leaving everything to your practice admin who lacks specific HR knowledge and training.

CalmHR will provide your practice with a range of subject matter experts — in everything from insurance to payroll — and through economies of scale we ensure you access to benefit programs that are more typical of your larger competitors

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We appreciate Joe and the team’s attention to detail in reviewing plan options upon renewal.

They assist with developing a financial plan in the best interests of the practice and staff. The benefit review meetings with staff are exceptionally helpful and relieve a great deal of my burden when we are up for renewal. At one point, we opted for a plan that ultimately ended up having significant issues around access to care. Joe stepped in and helped us switch to a new plan 4 months into our plan year. Our employees were thrilled and the team really helped us demonstrate we truly have the best interests of our employees in mind.

Joe and his team have been responsive and accountable throughout our relationship. I would definitely recommend their service to other organizations.

Jenna Vallejo, Potomac Pediatrics
Financial Services

Treat HR Like Any Other Investment

CalmHR ensures you dot the i’s and cross the t’s — leaving no stone unturned as you consider the best return on an investment in an HR apparatus.

Simplifying the Process

The hardest part about choosing HR services in the financial sector is often the competing personal relationships (brokers and advisors) for vendor selection. Not to mention the hodgepodge of disparate systems and benefits programs.

We simplify that. We’ll bring everything under the CalmHR roof, which allows you the opportunity to monitor and understand your benefits portfolio. And using economies of scale, we maximize your benefits package so you see the greatest return on investment.

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I was referred to Joe Appelbaum several times and did not pursue as there was always something else to manage. Finally—twice in one day—my partner and our personal insurance broker referred Joe. It was a sign to connect with Joe at last. I wish I made the call the first time I received the referral. Joe and his team did an unbelievable job of handling the needs of two merging companies. Their analysis cut through the noise of two companies with disparate systems, benefits, and contributions and was executed with a pragmatic and empathetic approach for our employees. Additionally, because Joe and his team found savings for us, we were able to add additional benefits for the firm that all employees welcomed. I cannot thank him and his team enough. Anyone who doesn’t sign on with Joe—don’t be like me, sign up the first time.

Brett Bernstein, XML Financial Group
Government Contractors

Working Within Your Existing HR System

We’re not here to replace your current HR set-up. But we are here to fill in the gaps

Scaling Your In-House HR

Most small to medium-sized government contractors have an HR specialist whose responsibilities cover more generalist-type functions. This is needed given the scope of services required. But coupled with the average 1-2 year tenure, many government contractors leave the door open to problems down the road, particularly in the area of compliance.

CalmHR offers support within your current infrastructure. We design programs built specifically to scale your HR program—not to take it over—so you can do more with less. We’ll work quickly to learn where our support is most needed, and we’ll give you the tools to ensure everyone is set up for success.

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I don’t care about special treatment for myself as the CEO. I love that Potomac treats any requests or issues from my employees exactly as they do from me, with the same care and high-level attention to detail. My expectations are not only met, they are consistently exceeded. Our experience is tailored to what we need, allowing us to keep doing what we need to do for our clients.

Tony Crescenzo, IntelliDyne, LLC
Associations & Non-Profits

Fortune 100 Benefits for Associations & Non-Profits

The work you do is critically important. But we know it’s difficult to compete with giant companies for talented employees

Setting You Up for Success

We hear it all the time: one of the biggest obstacles facing associations and non-profits is turnover. This process can feel inevitable, but it doesn’t mean it should be that way. It’s often the case that employees want to remain at organizations who are mission-driven. But it’s far too easy to become tempted by the benefits offered at larger companies.

CalmHR will design a program for your organization that’s built to make you look bigger than you are. Using our economies of scale, we’ll leverage the best deals to offer you the structure of a fortune 100, even if you only have 15-20 employees. Invest in your employees with a top-notch benefits program—and watch the turnover numbers fall.

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Our relationship with Joe Appelbaum is a true partnership. Not only does he help us navigate through open enrollment and provide us with excellent benefit options, he also educates us on changes in the health care market and offers assistance with a number of general HR questions. Joe Appelbaum helps save our organization money while improving the benefits options we are able to offer. His diligence in understanding our association and our culture helps me do my job better.

Washington, DC-based professional association

Great, hands-on client-focused team! All the staff have been delightful to work with and have made every effort to make sure we have what we need, get questions answered in a timely manner and resolve issues as soon as possible.

Joe and his team have always been ready to assist and resolve. They regularly follow up until an issue is resolved. Issues have been few and far between.

As an organization, we have been very pleased with the service provided. As Director of Benefits, I appreciate the robust offering, level of support, and candor that Joe and his team provide.