Frequently Asked Questions

You Asked. We Answered.

Why choose CalmHR over managing your own HRIS system?

Why pay for a system that involves you doing all the work? With CalmHR, you can outsource every aspect of that system to subject matter experts so that you can focus on what matters most, running your business. Get in touch to see how CalmHR can benefit you:

How many different places must I go to access all my information?

Why should you have to login to multiple places to access payroll, benefits, retirement, or PTO? That doesn’t sound very calm. Whether you’re on an iPhone, Android, tablet, or computer, CalmHR has a completely integrated system that allows for employees to access every part of their work environment or Human Capital Management in ONE system.

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How long will the set up & implementation take?

Worried about how long it could take to transition over to CalmHR and drowning in paperwork? Well, we don’t even use paper. Everything is done electronically and expectations are set appropriately.

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Will my accounting system integrate with CalmHR’s system?

Wondering if your accounting system will integrate with CalmHR’s system? Well, the answer is yes! CalmHR is the most robust and nimble system out there to ensure that both you and your accountant can #KeepCalm.

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Can our employees contact your team directly and what is your turnaround time for inquiries?

Tired of waiting for answers? Our team is always available to you and your employees, so you can remain calm. Click here to learn more about how we can benefit you.

How will CalmHR educate & train my employees?

With CalmHR, you and your employees have access to an entire Learning Management System. One of the many facets that makes our system unique is that you can design and upload your own customized videos, courses and quizzes, monitor learning progress, and assign pre-built, interactive courses. Book your demo today: