Frequently Asked Questions

You Asked. We Answered.

Welcome to CalmHR

Why did we create CalmHR? Because there’s a simpler way. Let’s talk. Schedule a 15-minute consultation so we can discuss how CalmHR can help you improve and simplify your approach to HR and benefits. #HR #Benefits #KeepCalm

Why CalmHR?

Tired of last-minute, manual open enrollment? What about payroll, compliance, and all the other day-to-day tasks that prevent you from focusing on running your business? With CalmHR, we help you find a sense of, well, calm!

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What does CalmHR actually do?

HR should be simple. Our KISS – Keep It Simple Solution™ is a comprehensive benefits management portal for all of your HR needs. With KISS, you can focus on running your business and attracting talent instead of getting stuck in the proverbial weeds. #HR #KeepCalm

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Who is CalmHR’s competition?

Debating your PEO options? Though we don’t disparage our competition, we do things differently. Here’s why:

Do I have to fire my HR personnel to hire you?

Absolutely not. You know your employees better than anybody. Let CalmHR handle all your back office needs so that your HR personnel can help elevate and grow your business.