The CalmHR
Renewal Process

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Through CalmHR’s exclusive partnership with D.C. Bar, members receive a 35% discount off the retail price of Per Employee Per Month (PEPM) costs. Once redeemed, this discount will never expire.

It’s no surprise the benefits renewal season is an aggravating and rushed process. The accepted industry standard today is that firms receive their plan renewal a mere 45 to 60 days in advance. This small window gives you insufficient time to meet with your broker and ensure your benefits align with your firm’s and employees’ needs.

There is a significantly better way to manage renewals.

CalmHR provides your benefits renewal up to 6 months in advance. This gives you adequate time to analyze your options, assess your renewal, and understand how it will affect you and your staff.

CalmHR has our clients’ best interests in mind.

Recently, the team acquired a new client at the end of July. We were able to deliver their benefits renewal options in August for a December 1st renewal date. The client was thrilled, as they had never received their renewal more than 45 days in advance.

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